1.Who can apply to JEAP?
(Ans):- A student meeting the following criteria can apply:
- Competent, deserving & needy Jain student
- Maximum 30 years of age
- Course has identified and secured admission
- Pursuing for higher education in any discipline above HSC.

2. How student can apply and what documents will he need?
( Ans):- A student has to apply FA online on www.jitojeap.in along with all
supporting documents including but not limited to following:
- Application form & KYC of student & parents
- All mark sheets since 10th standard
- Details of family members
- Birth certificate & school leaving certificate
- ITRs & Bank Statements of Parents
- 2 References with contact details
- Jain Minority Certificate
- Letter from local Sangh
- Confirmation of admission from university / college
- Status of VISA/Application if overseas
- Total cost estimate with supporting's
- Letters of funds taken from other organisations / own funding showing total means
- Agreement to be signed before fund transfer & PDCs, reference confirmation shall be taken (Also refer the list of documents available on the website)

3.How much maximum financial assistance will be available from JEAP?
(Ans:-) It will be depending on the course fee and also the country to which he is planning, repayment capabilities, university he is selecting and other detailed criteria as framed              by  BOD from time to time.

4.What will be the repayment terms of FA?
(Ans:-) The repayment terms may vary depending on the education, but JEAP expects students to start repayment of the FA amount on the completion of the course.

5. What is the interest rate for the interest?
(Ans:-) There will be 0 % rate of interest to the students. This is an Interest free financial assistance to the Student.

6. How the FA will be sanctioned?
(Ans:-) It will be two level process by chapter and Apex committee with defined turnaround time (TAT) at each level and overall time limit. A case can be expedited by Apex committee if any delay happens at chapter level.The entire process will be digitalized with the help of technology, but physical interview and home visit might happen.